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Happy Birthday Balloons – Shaun the Sheep

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Apart from Wallace and Gromit one of the most loved characters has to be Shaun the Sheep (now in his own TV series). He doesn’t say much (if anything) but he certainly steals all the scenes he is in. Shaun the Sheep just happens to be one of the designs on our Happy Birthday range of balloons. Isn’t he cute! He saved the day in The Close Shave and he could make a special day for someone you know extra special.

Happy Birthday Balloon - Shaun the Sheep

Happy Birthday Balloon – Shaun the Sheep

First Birthday Balloons

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

The first birthday is that extra special birthday. Especially for the parents and grand-parents. The baby may not know too much about it and is unlikely to remember it but it provides a wonderful abundance of memories to everyone else. And what better way to help the party atmosphere then our superb range of first birthday balloons.

How about this cute blue one for the boys, with a teddy bear and a colourful rocket.

First birthday balloon

First birthday balloon with teddy bear and rocket

Or this equally cute pink one for the girls with a butterfly and flower?

First birthday balloon

First birthday balloon with butterfly and flower.


Birthday Balloons for Dog Lovers

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Looking to surprise a dog lover on their birthday? Then we have the ideal balloons for you. How about this cute puppy balloon?

Puppy Love Birthday Balloon

Puppy Love Birthday Balloon

Or how about these happy chappies?

Three Dogs Happy Birthday Balloons

Three Dogs Happy Birthday Balloons

Aren’t they cute? A perfect gift idea for spreading that birthday joy.


1st Birthday Balloons

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

A first birthday is a always an extra special occasion. The birthday boy or girls may not be too aware of what is happening but it is a special moment for the family. We have a extensive range of 1st birthday balloons to help put extra sparkle in your celebrations. Not only that but we have birthday balloons for all the major year milestones.
1st birthday balloons